Market Update for the Week of March 30th

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Mar 31, 2020

There have been many changes over the past couple of weeks as a result of COVID-19. As these shifts begin to impact supply chains across the United States, we wanted to share some things for you to consider.

Facility Closures

Since many businesses have closed deliveries for non-essential goods, it is important to call and confirm that shipping locations are open before dispatching an order for shipment. We highly recommend that you contact the specific customer location where the product is being delivered to ensure they will be open. Also, it is important to provide your customer’s contact information to your transportation provider so they can confirm while en route.

Changing Capacity and Rates

Trucks, particularly van and refrigerated equipment, are seeing more demand for essential goods. All equipment types are seeing more deadhead miles due to changing freight flows, facilities closing and order cancellations. It is becoming more difficult to find drivers who are willing to deliver to specific locations, particularly those hit hard by COVID-19. Also, it is important to understand that rates are changing by the hour as a result of these interruptions and the volatile spot market.

The Impact of Produce Season

Produce season will begin in the next few weeks, which will impact capacity, especially in the southeast.

Border Restrictions

While commercial shipments are allowed to continue, expect and plan for delays for cross-border shipments.

Limited or No Inside Deliveries

Many carriers are not currently providing inside delivery services. Additionally, some drivers are not willing to perform driver assist as they normally would. It is important to check with your transportation provider to confirm they are still able to provide inside delivery or driver-assist services.

If you have any questions about how the market is responding to COVID-19, please reach out to Ryan Transportation. We are fully operational and happy to help with any of your transportation needs.