Freight Shipper's News for March 2017

Growing freight demand, a nationwide warehousing boom, and more industry news.

Mar 10, 2017

Construction Logistics: “Raise the Roof!”

From Inbound Logistics—Ryan Transportation was featured prominently in a January Inbound Logistics article about construction logistics. The article explains the importance of coordination and communication when planning transportation for a construction project:

Building of “Big Box” Warehouses Surges Ahead

From The Wall Street Journal—Developers are building giant warehouses at a blistering pace. The completion of nearly 25 million square feet of warehouse space in the fourth quarter of 2016 was 77% higher than a year earlier. However, demand from retailers so far has not kept pace with the boom in warehouse development:

Final Curtain Falls on Hanjin Shipping

From—After months of uncertainty, troubled Hanjin Shipping was declared bankrupt on Feb. 17 in a South Korean court. The 2016 collapse of one of the world’s largest shipping companies sent shockwaves throughout the freight industry:

EXCLUSIVE: Three Ways Construction Projects Benefit from Transportation Expertise

From Ryan Transportation—More construction contractors and subcontractors are turning to logistics experts to handle the movement of materials and heavy equipment to jobsites. The results of well-planned transportation can include risk mitigation and cost savings:

Freight Demand, Inventories Grow

From the Journal of Commerce—An increase in freight demand is lifting U.S. inventories. Total business sales increased 2% in December from November, and 5.2% year-over-year. While inventories grew, the inventory-to-sales ratio dropped slightly in December, a sign that goods are selling faster:

Manufacturing Expands at Fastest Pace Since 2014

From Bloomberg—Manufacturing in the U.S. expanded in February at the fastest pace since August 2014, as factory managers reported strong orders and productivity. The Institute for Supply Management’s index on manufacturing production reached its highest level since March 2011:

Google Accuses Uber, Otto of Stealing Self-Driving Truck Secrets

From Heavy Duty Trucking—Google’s self-driving vehicle division, Waymo, is suing Uber and its autonomous trucking subsidiary, Otto. The suit alleges that Uber and Otto stole autonomous vehicle sensing technology from Waymo:

Diesel Prices Remain Steady

From American Trucker—The average, per-gallon price of diesel rose only two-tenths of a cent during the first week of March, to $2.579. Diesel prices have risen slightly for four straight weeks, but remain only 0.7 cents cheaper than at the start of 2017:

Truck Tonnage Increased 2.9% in January

From American Trucking Associations—The ATA’s seasonally adjusted For-Hire Truck Tonnage Index rose 2.9% in January, following a 4.3% decline during December:

A New Company Announces Self-Driving Technology

From Overdrive—A California-based start-up company called Embark has unveiled its self-driving technology, which uses a combination of retrofit radars, cameras and depth sensors. Embark co-founder Alex Rodrigues said the technology should cost less than $50,000 per unit to deploy:

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