Choosing a 3PL: The Ryan Transportation Difference

Choosing a 3PL: The Ryan Transportation Difference

Choosing a 3PL is a difficult process, and one that should be taken seriously. There are many things to consider and questions to ask as you evaluate your options for a transportation company and brokerage provider. Let’s talk about what sets Ryan Transportation apart from other industry leaders.

A Suite of Services

Ryan Transportation is part of the Shamrock family of brands, home to a suite of services for the transportation industry including invoice financing, fuel card programs, trucking software, international export financing and more. We have unique technology solutions, like our Shipper Portal, which provides our customers with transparent, real-time tracking for all of their loads.

With more than 35 years of successful operations and continued growth year-after-year, we know the transportation industry inside and out. Our dedicated team of experts provides industry-leading support and works with our network of 80,000+ carriers to make the shipping process smooth and easy.

Rapid Success

Unlike many 3PLs and freight brokerages, our customers begin seeing drastic improvements quickly. In just a year of working with Ryan Transportation, a large U.S. school supply manufacturer saw significant financial savings and supply chain operational improvements, including:

  • Over $90,000 in savings
  • 100% delivery deadline success
  • A customized shipping transportation solution

Prior to working with Ryan Transportation, this customer was using a single-source LTL carrier to haul their goods across the country. They wanted to reduce costs and improve sales and operations processes.

“Recent supply chain uncertainty has made shipping challenging, but Ryan Transportation’s creativity and customized distribution solution have been instrumental in improving the shipping experience for us and our customers.”

 - Our customer's supply chain director

Because of the custom shipping solution we created for our customer using a unique pool distribution method, they met every strict delivery deadline for the school supply deliveries and decreased the loss and damages experienced during transit.

Long-Term Solutions

By working with Ryan Transportation, our customers receive immediate improvements but also benefit from long-term logistics services and solutions. For example, a large U.S. plumbing manufacturer began working with Ryan Transportation in 2014 and has since grown 150% due to cost consistency, mode diversification and supply chain system integrations.

“Over the last decade, Ryan Transportation has been a fantastic asset. They’ve helped us grow our freight network coverage and increase logistical efficiency, while also mitigating costs and maximizing service. Through their communication and guidance, we’ve grown our business and profits and now have the confidence and security to get through even the toughest supply chain disruptions.” - Our customer’s supply chain manager

Cost Consistency

While most LTL carriers implement general rate increases each year based on network performance, Ryan Transportation constantly adapts to the market to find new, cost-effective carriers, and we negotiate with our carrier network to determine the best fit for our shippers.

Mode Diversification

With the changing transportation industry, LTL carriers are no longer the only option. We use our diverse carrier network to find equipment solutions best equipped to haul our customers’ goods.

System Integration

Part of Ryan Transportation’s comprehensive service includes our transportation management system (TMS). With the plumbing manufacturer, our team built a successful bridge from their warehouse management system to our TMS so live orders flowed seamlessly and gave us real-time data to provide accurate reports, consolidate orders and more.

We’re not just a 3PL; we serve our customers as a committed industry partner. Experience the Ryan Transportation difference for your business.

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