The Ryan Transportation Difference:

  • Access to specialized equipment like double-drops, perimeter trailers, RGNs, stretch trailers and more
  • Network of more than 9,500 contracted carriers with 142,000 trailers that handle heavy and over-dimensional hauls
  • Competitive pricing and cost savings
  • We facilitate every step of a specialized shipment, including carrier procurement, government permits, route surveys, securing escorts, and staging truckloads and deliveries
  • Strict safety and insurance standards for carriers, reducing the risk of late or damaged deliveries
  • Dedicated account manager who is on call 24/7 and continuously monitors your shipments
  • Full geographic coverage throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada

Plotting Every Detail of Your Specialized Shipment

Heavy and specialized shipments are extremely complicated, and each one of them is unique. However, no project is too big or complex for the logistics experts at Ryan Transportation. Since 1986, we have helped customers across the country transport modular buildings, industrial-sized generators, dump trucks, fire engines, cranes, full-sized tractor combines, tanks and much more.

Ryan Transportation will work with your company to plot out every detail of your specialized or over-dimensional shipments. We are involved in every step of the process with carriers that have the right equipment and experience. Ryan Transportation understands important tasks like securing police escorts, designing routes, evaluating road hazards, surveying bridges and more.

Ryan Transportation is a proud member of the following organizations: